Daria, a Russian-American media artist, explores generational trauma and personal storytelling through her visual works for performances. Central to her approach is the intersection of personal storytelling with visual narratives. Trauma acts as a potent catalyst for connection, deepening understanding and breaking silence. Through the combination of storytelling and collective sensory experiences, Daria aims to demonstrate how shared narratives and immersive art can transcend boundaries.

Daria's exploration of visual storytelling extends to educational technology research, where she develops frameworks for collaborative creative practices. She boasts over ten years of experience guiding individuals through visual storytelling and media literacy. Daria is an AP Art and Design instructor in California, guiding creatives and professionals, and is an instructional design technologist at Mills College, Northeastern University.

Exhibitions, Residencies, and Shows:

Scenic Design for Touch(ed) performance, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, Nicosia, Limassol, Cyprus, 2022, 2023
Design Set for "Alarm" performance, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, The Blue Roof Studios, LA, Ca, 2018
Design Set for "Alarm" performance, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, REDCAT, Roy and Edna Disney/ CALARTS THEATRE, LA, Ca, 2017
Art residency Watermill Center For Contemporary Arts, NY, 2017
"Mother", immersive installation, JCC Ranch Artistic Residency, 2017
Installation, "Conversion", Russia, Moscow 2016
Site-specific Installation in Evora Monte Castle, Portugal, 2015
Installation "Totality of Existence", PP Center, Budapest, Hungary, 2015
Golden Bee Poster Biennale, 2013
Installation "Underwater", Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
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