Daria, a Russian-American media artist, explores the convergence of technology, art, and performance while delving into generational traumas. Her artistic journey involves venues in the US, including the Watermill Center for Contemporary Arts in NY, Paloma Studio in LA, and the JCC in Colorado, as well as international locations like Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, and Spain.

Daria embodies the roles of a media artist, EdTech researcher, and art teacher, with eight years of experience instructing visual storytelling and mixed-media arts across California, New York, and Colorado. She has spearheaded a visual thinking and media arts program in recent years, which equips young creatives with vital digital and artistic skills crucial for navigating their paths ahead. Commencing in Oakland in 2018, I introduced this program to Title One schools and a local nonprofit, extending its reach to over 1,000 students in California educational institutions. Daria teaches AP and Media art for young creatives and adults as part of Life Learning Academy and hybrid educational programs worldwide.

Exhibitions, Residencies, and Shows:

Scenic Design for Touch(ed) performance, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, Nicosia, Limassol, Cyprus, 2022, 2023
Design Set for "Alarm" performance, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, The Blue Roof Studios, LA, Ca, 2018
Design Set for "Alarm" performance, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, REDCAT, Roy and Edna Disney/ CALARTS THEATRE, LA, Ca, 2017
Art residency Watermill Center For Contemporary Arts, NY, 2017
"Mother", immersive installation, JCC Ranch Artistic Residency, 2017
Installation, "Conversion", Russia, Moscow 2016
Site-specific Installation in Evora Monte Castle, Portugal, 2015
Installation "Totality of Existence", PP Center, Budapest, Hungary, 2015
Golden Bee Poster Biennale, 2013
Installation "Underwater", Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
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