Cyprus, Nicosia, 2023
The scenic design for "Touched," a 2023 performance in Nicosia, Cyprus, is a compelling fusion of installations and video that intimately explores the internal struggles and alienation experienced by a female artist navigating the intersections of gender bias and cultural ideals. "Touched" explored the complexities surrounding intimacy, art, and identity, all woven together in a visual tapestry.

Central to this design is a striking tie-dye red rope, a symbolic representation of the profound emotions at play. It visually embodies the sensations of constriction, internal numbness, and the isolating silence that often accompanies detachment from the world and concern for others' perceptions.

As Kestrel Leah, the solo performer, utilizes autobiographical events to confront these deeply rooted societal norms and personal experiences, the installations and video elements serve as both backdrop and narrative enhancers, creating a multi-sensory experience that brings the audience closer to the artist's journey.

Performed: Kestrel Leah
Music composition & sound design: Yiannis Christofides
Music based on the song Gravity by Whitney Mower aka They/Live from the album Ablation (Born Loser Records, 2020)
Visual design: Daria Sur Photo by Artemis Evlogimenou
Lighting and video: Sakari Laurila

This project was supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant in the frame work of the Residency Programme for Performing and Live Arts at Theatro Polis OPAP/ NiMAC.
Daria Sur, 2023 ©
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