The Blue Roof Studios, Los Angeles, 2019
The design set for the vignette ll of the "Alam" performance incorporates natural hair and an organ-inspired color palette. The inversion of primary colors into a vibrant palette mirrors the intricate patterns and hues found within the human body, particularly in the intestines.

The vignette presented by: WILD ART GROUP at Blue Roof Studios (Los Angeles, 2019)
An original vignette-based work in collaboration with choreographer Brigette Dunn-Korpela and a Physical Plastic theatre project.

Development took place in residency at the Paloma Street Studio ( Los Angeles), and Watermill Center for Contemporary Arts (New York) with the support of New Music USA.

Performed by: Dominique McDougal Composer: Yiannis Christofides Choreographer: Brigette Dunn-Korpela Director: Kestrel Farin Leah Visual Concept: Dasha Sur Video Design: Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh Costume Design: David Moyer

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