Russia, 2009
Noise (2010) is a site-specific installation originating from Russia that encapsulates the tumultuous spirit of its era and serves as a mirror to the societal upheaval of the time, offering a profound exploration of the clash between spiritual yearnings and materialistic cravings within the context of an increasingly consumer-driven world.

Noise beckons us to examine the tension between our intrinsic values and the allure of worldly gratification, beckoning us to reassess our roles in an increasingly noisy capitalist world. The juxtaposition of spiritual aspirations and the relentless pursuit of earthly desires is laid bare in a mesmerizing display, challenging viewers to question their place within the ever-evolving tapestry of consumerism. Through a blend of videos, video-mapping, and auditory elements, the installation conveys the cacophonous discord of contemporary society, echoing the disquiet and restlessness.
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