, Los Angeles, 2018
"Alarm" is a striking scenic installation designed for a performance that delves into the complex themes of trespassing, space ownership, and geopolitical boundaries. Crafted from an interplay of wires and cables, this installation envelops and overlaps the performer, creating a visually arresting representation of the performance's core ideas.

As the performer interacts with this intricate network of wires and cables, the installation draws inspiration from alarms and the mythical Greek "sirens." It serves as a captivating embodiment of the symbiotic development between vocal composition, movement, and sculpture. Through "Alarm," the audience is transported into a realm where boundaries blur, and the powerful symbolism of sirens and alarms adds depth to the exploration of space, territory, and the act of crossing boundaries.
Selected vignettes presented by: REDCAT - Roy and Edna Disney/CALARTS Theatre and L.A.N.D. (Los Angeles, 2018), & WILD ART GROUP at Blue Roof Studios (Los Angeles, 2019)

Development took place in residency at the Paloma Street Studio ( Los Angeles), Watermill Center for Contemporary Arts (New York) with the support of New Music USA.

Anthony Nikolchev in ALARM captured by Steve Gunther.
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