Daria Sur | Immersive Art

A series of performances that explores the idea of limit and transgression through the political implications of security alarms, the aesthetics of surveillance and punishment, as prevalent in the present geopolitical scene, and the relationship of desire and law. The public performance danger turns punishment into a demonstrating spectacle that sets an example for the violating body and its desire to transgress, disrupt and renegotiate the limits of its existence.

Once the alarm announces the act of trespassing, the limits and divisions between public and private that were previously hidden in the background, become demarcated, as do the limits, disruptions, and relations between self and other.
I was inspired by cables and wires, the material infrastructure of our digital civilization, and the techno-capitalist social and spatiotemporal organization.

Blue Roof Studios, LA, CA, 2019
REDCAT - Roy and Edna Disney/ CALARTS Theatre, LA, CA, 2018
Watermill Center for Contemporary Arts, Hamptons, NY, AiR, 2017
Paloma Street Studio, LA, CA, 2016

Composer: Yiannis Christofides
Choreographer: Brigette Dunn-Korpela
Director: Kestrel Farin Leah
Visual Concept: Dasha Sur
Video Design: Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh
Costume Design: David Moyer
Lighting Design: Katelan Braymer Lighting Design
Sound Engineering: Martin Gimenez

ENSEMBLE: Bailey Edwards, Marguerite Danger French, Craig Gibson, Lisa McNeely, Anthony Nikolchev, Nathan Nonhof, Sadie Schwolsky, Jenapher Jun-Yi Zheng


The series of street installations that utilize simple forms and materials to demonstrate in a novel way of looking at how objects, nature, and people depend on each other as being part of the same Universe

(Foundation OBRAS, Evora Monte, Portugal, 2015)
Close Proximity

Relationships between humans and the surrounding environment and the conflicting perceptions of emptiness and recognition. It is an attempt to show the moment in which we contemplate our personal future: the sensation that the environment carries a prediction which ca't be recognized.

The future is obscure like the empty circle floating in dark space. However, there is a feeling of connection to the future in the air. This feeling is achieved by the light inside the suspended void

(Foundation OBRAS, Evora Monte Castle , Portugal, 2015)


According to Judaism the body and its workings are a mirror image of the workings of the soul. The construction of the installation involves mirrors and refractions of light symbolize Mother's Tears. Performers can find eyes of a mother looking through the reflection in the mirrors integrated into the shelf of installation and take it away.

(Rocky Mountaines, Colorado, USA; Jewish Community Camp; 2017)


The installation reveals the conflict between spiritual need and earthly desire through the relationship of human self-perception and modern values. The up-to-date society and the human that has learned to live comfortably in information noise. The today's world is very complicated and full of chaotic information, allowing everyone to hide in interlaces of its networks. In this work the contrast of traditional and radical brings into being a shade of fascination - having escaped from the world with the help of the mask donated by technical progress, fundamentally the human can remain simple in relations with the world immediately around himself

(Russia, Perm, 2010)

The suggested conflict of moving light and shadow lead back the process of growth. The need for participation and integrative thinking brought me back to the kinetic energy and purity of the geometric abstraction to show the simplicity of social processes.

(Russia, Moscow, 2016)

Totality of Excistance

The continuing interaction between the moving thin paper strips, light and shadows erases the line between the static and agile, concrete and imaginary, tangible and metaphysical. The viewer is invited to step in, look around and answer the question about the fragile reality of the world, which can unexpectedly vanish like an elusive dream. With each passing moment, the sculpture awakens a delicate, yet powerful force capable of transforming the human perception and attitude, taking the viewer to a fascinating journey of magical changes through observance and self-reflection.

(Hungary, Budapest, 2013)

The "Wave" is a collaborative installation with independent artist and calligrapher Anton Mizinov for Cultural Alliance and Marat Gelman.

Immersive sculpture quietly draw viewers to contemplate elements of chance like electric light, sound and kinetic energy in the tightly controlled environment. Russian born we tend to combine Russian Academical Arts in terms of lettering and traditions of Western Art. Quietly absorbing similarities and distinctions between cultures, we elected to embrace growth and new influences while acknowledging older values using the quotes from "The Catcher in the Rye".

However, we do not subscribe to any particular theory, nor is there are philosophical and base to this work. We are more concerned with the pleasure of discovery, fascination, the enjoyment of the unexpected, investigating internal emotional states.

(Russia, Perm, 2012)

Exposing in the white room the lighting wall construction containing a strange fragments of human body embedded in the shelf, portraits and defragmented images covered, as narrative, by layers of paper.

The work is filled with emotional nakedness that compels interrogation of conflict between humanity, cultural values and modern society. However, darkly romantic this work silently screams for salvation that can only be found on the new stage of the life circle, which places society values at the center of the Universe.

It is great ability of humans to survive through winters, personal disasters, wars, more over, being inspired and get internal harmony. The sculpture is the reconstruction of the frozen moment when in uncomfortable condition person starts to feel fascinated by uncertainty.

Daria is a Russian born California based installation artist creating immersive experiences for galleries, public spaces, private shows, and contemporary theatre.

In the body of her artworks, Daria explores the relationships of kinetic energy and technology; visual arts and movement; an object and space in order to design transformational aesthetic experiences for her guests. Humans and their reactions to artificially-created by society environment, systems, or social constructs eventually became a focal point of Daria's artistic exploration. The human experience and their reaction to the personal, social, or political events became the main asset for her inspiration. Every art installation is intended to trigger unusual experiences for guests, initiate their emotional responses, and transform their mindsets. Guests' cultural capitals and everyday life experiences co-design every immersive experience, vise versa the art immersive experience itself can turn guests' fears into actions, thorns into roses, and pain into pleasure.

Each installation is dedicated to collaboration with motion designers, sound artists, costume artists video-mapping and lights artists, performers.

Daria's professional and artistic paths have been closely intertwined with visual arts, graphic design, and computer science. Then she merged her professional experience with a passion for art, launching Visual Arts Studio for Teens and Artsy Youth project in California to give yang adults he opportunity to experience art, develop critical/design thinking and foster imagination through the inquiry-based approach.

Exhibitions and Personal Shows:
"Alarm Performance" visual concept, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, Blue Roof Studios, Los Angeles, USA, 2019
- "Alarm Performance" visual concept, collaboration with Physical Plastics Theatre, REDCAT - Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater's Fall Studio, Los Angeles, USA, 2017
- Watermill Center for Contemporary Arts Residency, Collaboration with the Physical Plastics Theatre and B.Dunn Movement, NY, USA, 2017
- Installation and performance "Mother", JCC Ranch Camp, Denver, US, Colorado, 2016
- Installation "Alarm" for residential project in Paloma Street art Studio, in collaboration with Physical Plastic, Los Angeles, CA, US, 2016
- Installation Conversion, Artistic Window Gallery, RU, 2016
- Installation "Totality of Existence", PP Center, Budapest, Hungary, 2015
- Installation "Close Proximity", Obras Residency, Evora Monte Castle, Portugal, 2014
- Installation "Wave", the Group Show for Cultural Alliance by Marat Gelman, Perm, Russia 2013
- 2012 Golden Bee Poster Biennale, Moscow
- Installation "Noise" , the Group Show for Cultural Alliance by Marat Gelman, Perm, Russia 2012
- Installation "Underwater", Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain, 2011
- Group Show for Green School in National Center for Contemporary Art, Russia 2005
- Personal Exhibition "Emotions", Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 2006
-Group Exhibition "Shadow and Light", Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 2005

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